Kanto’s Hidden Secret in Pokemon Gold and Silver

I just want to start this out by saying - Pokemon Gold and Silver are some of my favorite games of all time! I have played through them countless times. Even though there are remakes (Both Fan and Released by Game Freak), I still love going back to the original Gen 2 games. In fact, these are a couple of the games that inspired me to become a programmer and work on games myself! 

So in a lot of ways I consider myself an expert on the games. I know most little nooks and crannies of the Johto region. It came as a massive shock to me back in September when the 3DS Virtual Console version of Gold and Silver (And Crystal this month) came out and there was an item I had never heard of!

It's no secret that after you beat the main game you get to return to the Kanto region and collect the gym gym badges from the previous games. Well, there is a hidden secret in Kanto that even eluded me after all these years.

There is a particularly powerful item hidden in Cerulean City back in Kanto. The Item is called the Berserk Gene, and it is only found in this spot and only in the generation two games! The Berserk Gene is a consumable hold item that Raises the Pokemon that holds its Attack significantly, but also confuses the Pokemon. The Item is a one time use and there is only one in the game.

This is similar to the effects of the move Swagger. The Berserk Gene is a very powerful Item and it is hidden in a spot that not many players (Myself Included.) would find it!

Generation 1 Cerulean City
Generation 2 Cerulean City

The Berserk Gene is located in Cerulean City in the spot where Mewtwo's cave was in Generation 1. Talk to the NPC below the houses with a pond in the yard. He will say, "My ITEMFINDER is responding...". The spot directly in his viewpoint in where the ITEMFINDER is saying there's an item.


Go to that spot, and you will find the Berserk Gene!

This is a weird item partially because it is ONLY in Generation 2 and not many players find it! Many websites talking about it have little to no information, and a lot of it is wrong. They claim the Berserk Gene maxes out the Pokemon's Attack stat. As far as I can tell, this in inaccurate.  According to the Official Pokemon Crystal Guide, the Item doubles a Pokemon's attack and confuses it. 

To the side is what the Official Pokemon Crystal Guide says about the Berserk Gene.  (Click to Enlarge.)

Overall, this is a cool item to find for longtime fans like me. Hopefully I have shed some light on what it is, where to get it, and some ACCURATE information on what it does. Go out there and find it! Check out our last article about the Surf Glitch in the first genration games if you want some more Pokemon goodness!

Did you know about the Berserk Gene? Have you ever used it on a Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!


Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3


Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3

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