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Top 10 games of 2017!


Crash Bandicoot: The N Sane Trilogy

If you would have told me this list would start out with a Crash Bandicoot game, I would have laughed at you.  But truly Activision has pulled out every single stop and made a game exactly how it should be.  As a recreation of the original trilogy, all of the classic levels are beautiful recreated from the ground up and remastered and retextured to its greatest potential.  N Sane Trilogy has successfully brought back the feeling of difficulty in a video  game (commonly referred to as Dark Souls 4) and brought back nostalgia and the sense of difficulty that Naughty Dog crafted many years ago.  Although a remake of three original games, I honestly do not believe they could have made this game any better if they tried, and I honestly hope to see a reboot of the Crash Bandicoot franchise. 


Samus Returns

Metroid has been missing a good entry for a long, long time. There hasn't been a new entry for many years, and the last one we got was sorta... well meh. To put it nicely.

Samus is back, though, with this year's remake of Metroid 2. There are so many new tricks, powers, and improvements to the formula that make this one of the best Metroid games to date. Hopefully this means the series has a bright future and plenty more entries to pour our time into.


Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

With the cancellation of Hideo Kojima's PT, fans of horror were lingering, waiting for a true experience into the horror genre.  Capcom's Resident Evil VII strives in what many other games fail to do: bring that gut-wrenching feeling of horror to the player.  The Resident Evil franchise has been subject to criticism in recent history, but Resident Evil VII goes back to its roots for simple exploration based survival.  Puzzle aspects, a fantastic atmosphere, and an actual compelling story proves that a horror game can be crafted, it just needs some heart and soul filled into it.  As soon as the game starts to linger, the game comes to a close with a frightening memorable experience that we hope to see more of from the Resident Evil series.


Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Cover

Sonic Started, and ended, this year pretty badly. He seems to have lost his way from the glory of the 1990's. For a brief while in the middle of this year though, Sonic was great again. Sonic Mania is a game made by fans, for fans with the backing of SEGA and god is it great. It is one of my favorite Sonic games, and one of my favorites for the year. If you haven't played it yet, you should pick it up immediately.  I have played through it 4 times on my Switch.



Cuphead is one of the most original and fun platform shooting games I have ever played. This game does so much right, and it deserved every bit of praise it got and more. Dark souls of platformers is one of the best games of the year and if you haven't played it, you need to.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon was another game I didn't know I wanted, but I had a really good time with it. It was a neat concept that I really enjoyed and I would love to see more original concepts like this go into games. It is just stupid enough to be cool as hell. Robot dinosaurs seems like a stupid concept, but god is it good


Persona 5

In a year of surprising entries to receive critical acclamation Atlus strives to bring us a definitive turn based experience that is unrivaled and unsurpassed by its predecessors.  If the adult themed Pokemon style combat wasn't enough, the social building aspect outside of conventional gameplay strives to make this  standout title for 2017.  With eight years in production Persona 5 pulls out every single stop and entices players to want to indulge in its 100+ hour story.  Sporting an almost never before seen art style of a mainstream game, a gripping story that will leave you crying at the edge of your seat and an uncomparable soundtrack due to the brilliance of Shoji Meguro, it is easy to see how in less than a year this game has already widely considered one of the greatest role playing games of all time. 


Nier: Automata

The original Nier is a cult classic for PS3 that didn't receive recognition and was not received very well.  You wouldn't have known it though by playing Nier: Automata.  The tutorial/opening level of Nier: Automata is quite possibly the greatest tutorial of all time that immediately leaves you with a feeling hankering for more.  From the second I ended my demo I was immediately hankering for another opportunity to play this game.  Nothing about Nier: Automata should work.  Robots, hack and slash and bullethell are always pandered and frowned upon by many, yet Platinum Games has effortlessly pulled this off.  If that wasn't enough Yoko Taro's "Bladerunner" style storyline is compelling and gripping enough to tear your heart out and leave you with thought-provoking questions, some left unanswered.


Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo does it again by taking the beloved Mario series and expanding on what resembles the Kirby franchise.  How simple of an idea:  Mario throws his cap on an enemy and uses the enemies movements to traverse the world.  However simple the idea, it's flawlessly executed in what it the most polished Mario game to date.  What really stands out is this game creates its own difficulty.  Super Mario Odyssey effortlessly creates a game simple enough for casual young gamers to jump inside and collect moons until their hearts content, or challenge veterans of the Mario series with moons that will antagonize you to throw your controller buyt still feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when you finally grab that power moon.  I won't lead any spoilers, but the ending of this game is one of the greatest segments in recent video game history, and possibly of all time.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

After 6 years, many extended releases, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  It's not often that a game comes out and is immediately held to such acclamation but Nintendo managed to pull it off with the finest of ease.  Breath of the Wild manages to offer us a world brimming with an innummerable amount of things to see and do, a thousand ways to approach countless situations, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in a modern day video game.  It's hard to entice and intrigue modern day gamers, but even 150 hours into Breath of the Wild, I still find new things to enjoy and new intricate ways to conquer the world of Hyrule.  New players might not enjoy the Weapon durability system.  Veterans might criticize the temple design.  But it is clear to see that the entire team of Nintendo thought of nearly everything to insert into the game and does so with poise leaving the player with an unimaginable experience.  My biggest complaint is that I can not pet the dogs.

Well, there is our top 10 list. 2017 has been an absolutly fantastic year that has given us some of the best video games of all time. We just want to say happy new year to you and yours, and may next year bring just as much joy to the hobby we love. Thank you all for supporting us and reading our content.

Anything we missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3


Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3

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