(Retrospective) Surfing Glitch in Pokemon Red & Blue

The Surfing Glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue!


The first Generation of Pokemon games were games that we all grew up with. Being a kid in the height on "Poke-mania", I heard all sorts of crazy rumors (if i wasn't the one starting them). One of them was Bill's Secret Garden. His house sits at the top of Route 25, and many kids thought it housed Mew or some other unknown Pokemon! Of course, we all know mew is under that truck next to the S.S. Anne!

While rumors like that may not be true, it is still cool to be able to reach a point in the game that it teased you with. Today, I will show you how to get  here and a couple of other areas using one simple glitch!

"Rare Pokemon in your area!"

All you really need is a Pokemon that knows Surf to start this glitch. Essentially what we are doing is tricking the game into thinking that their is surfable land near the player and using that to get through barriers. This glitch will work on any version of Red or Blue (3DS included).

  1. To start, you must be one tile away from a tile where you would face a water tile after walking to it. So, any tile you could regularly surf on. 
  2. While walking to it, hold down the start button, then after the start menu pops up, save and reset the game (Hit the reset on the touch screen on 3DS). If done correctly, you won't be facing down after the save file is reloaded. You will be facing the direction that you saved in instead of the game loading it's usual down position.
  3. Now without moving, open the menu and use Surf. The player will then Surf into the tile directly below them regardless of what it is! 

This glitch can be used to get into all kinds of different areas! You can, of course, get to Bill's secret garden, get beck to Elite Four Agatha, and get back to the S.S. Anne and see the Truck!

...Mew, is that you?

So, there you have it! A simple glitch for Red and Blue enthusiasts and people just looking to have some fun! See what sort of areas you can get in to! As a disclaimer, be very careful when messing with glitches; especially on a save file you care about. Make sure not to save outside of a boundary or in a risky spot, cause you may not be able to get back and will be forced to delete save data!  

There's no Pokegod back here!

Hopefully this little trick helps you, or you found it enjoyable. Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3


Programmer, game designer, and gamer! I own and moderate the site, as well as post some of my creations. :3

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